Dear visitors.

The blog features writings I created over the past twenty years. It contains different genres: meditation, poetry, theology, short stories commentary and more.

The blog reflects a spiritual revelation that is developing over the years, therefore if you wish to follow this developing story line it is recommended to start reading from the last page backwards (old posts to new).

My inner world is a world of a believer. I grew up in a completely secular family and a secular and materialistic surrounding, still, at about the age of 10 I realized that I knew (I don’t know how that happened) that all things both around me and within me were being conducted by spiritual forces and I started exploring this world trying to connect with it.

After years of testing and searching I realized that the God of Israel is the one and only God, The creator of heaven and earth, and that he reveals himself through the Bible and through the Holy Spirit (The shekinah).  

 I chose then (about twenty years ago) to give my life and to follow the ways The God of Israel and His Messiah. 

Constant research of  the spiritual world and intimate relationship that was formed with The God of Israel are the journey of my life and the axis around which It travels, it is also the source and the subject to all the writings I present on this blog.  

It seems to me that the blog, in a way, reflects the soul of the Israeli believer, (I am not a religious orthodox though), the way he thinks, the way he conducts himself. Clearly every believer has their own unique world, and yet all believers share a joint soul.

My writings are my attempt to put into words, in my own language (Hebrew) the things that the God of Israel is teaching me through his spirit. Usually I did not ask to know these things nor knew they are important or that they even existed.

Some of these things are surprising also to myself and sometimes they even hard to deal with. After writing it down so I will not forget, I go on processing it stylistically in a way that it can be published.

I want to thank Roman Shargaev who translated this English version of the blog from Hebrew. This is his contact mail: mailto:roman.321@hotmail.com

Joyful reading
Yoav Betsalel