Sons and daughters of Adam

(180 words)

The reason for this creation is the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. With all due respect to the plants and animals, they are not the reason. God is waiting for man to fulfill his destiny, He is patiently.
Despite their immense potential, humans are almost without exception unbearable beings who do not realize what God has entrusted in their hands. They are directionless, spineless, talking high but doing very little. Unfocused, unfaithful, compromising, selfish, haunted by fears, twisted passions and prejudices. Lost.

It takes nerves of iron, as only God has, to continue to forgive, support and love such treacherous creatures. It takes a great deal of self-restraint not to burn them in that one moment of bitter disappointment, of anger that is justified by all.
In this situation my difficulty as a person – like the struggle of any other person – is twofold. First and foremost, to put up with myself and also to put up with my confused brothers around me.

This suffering we must all learn (suffering from the word patience in Hebrew) is the foundation of love.

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