Practical guidelines for the spiritual world – The Control issue

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– How can one enter the spiritual world and act there in a beneficial way?

– Implementation of the law of control.



Entering the spiritual world is a simple matter, the door is already built in us and we use it all the time anyway. But in order to act there in a beneficial and constructive way and not just randomly, it must be done consciously and intelligently. The door to the spirit world is the thoughts. Thoughts are the means that connect spirit and matter, heaven and earth. Thoughts take place in the phisical body and are influenced by the body and mind, but they come and go, back and forth, from and to the spiritual world. Therefore thought is like a breath.

Behind everything we do on earth there is some kind of a thought (even if hidden), so because all thoughts have, on the one hand, a root in heaven and on the other hand, they create an effect on earth, it can be stated that all things in the world have a root in the spirit and everything also flows there and from there. However, because man was given the opportunity to be aware of his thoughts, direct, clarify, initiate or stop them, then he can act in cooperation with the spiritual world consciously. This way he can contribute to the processes initiated in the heavens, for the benefit of himself, other human beings, or for the fulfillment of God’s goals.

Notice that those who call themselves ‘believers’ without being able to act in the spiritual world for God’s goals, miss the main reason why He guided them to believe and gave them His teachings, and miss the opportunity to act in conscious cooperation to create a relationship with Him.

In order to consciously contribute as we said, one must know the spiritual laws. This is like any other field where we want to contribute practically and not just to be involved theoretically or emotionally. In the technical field, for example, If we would like to operate an electric motor, we need to create a circuit and to know how to close and open it. In other words, we need implement the laws of electricity and mechanics there. In the spiritual it is similar.

One of the basic practical rules that stand in front on any attempt to access the spiritual world is the law of control. Beside the law of control, another basic practical law that enables to act in the spiritual world is the law of faith and the law of love. However the faith topic has been discussed in many forums, so I will not discuss it here. But the subject of control, which is the subject of this article, is often neglected.


Man’s desire to be in control in every matter of his life is a basic desire that rests on: A. the fear that something will be prevented, will go wrong, hurt, humiliate him etc. B. On the desire to expand and receive the things that we interpret as necessary for our survival and needs. Our problem as human beings, which arouses in us even stronger the desire for control, is that we live in a world where we basically have no control, and even in the things we have been given relative and limited control, it can be taken from us at any moment. In principle, when we look at the big picture, we don’t really have control over the things we fear nor over the things that we want.

From the moment a baby is born, he is surrounded by the reality where he is completely dependent, in every aspect, on his environment. As he grows, he strives to gain control over his body, tools and devices, possessions, his intellect, talents, his ability to manipulate things or people, to use authority, influence, seduction, etc.

When we look deeply at the condition of a newborn baby, we see that apart from the lack of control, he does not separate himself from the outside world, but see everything as one piece. However, when he discovers his own self and begins to be aware of the possibility to gain control, then the unity he had, crumbs. This happens partly because in the process of growing up and for the purpose of getting control, he separates his inner self from what he perceives to be outside his body, then outside his body and soul, outside his family, his home, his possessions, his people etc. The purpose of all the separations is to gain control over the things that will cause him pleasure or pain in order to get the one and avoid the other.

This transition that happens in every man’s life is the transition that happened to Adam and Eve when they fell from heaven. This fall caused them to lose unity, harmony, peace with those around them, in their inner self, and above all with God.

In order to rise from that fall and return to the unity, peace and harmony, it is first and foremost necessary be able to stand before God (since we have been banished from Eden) and then to learn how to communicate with Him. This can be made possible by the sacrifice of atonement (as was for the people of Israel in the first Temple), then we can once again be in his presence in a spiritual way, and through our thoughts. (Regarding the question of how today a covenant is made with God, see a post detailing the subject: here. this post is in Hebrew).

However, receiving atonement from God and being able to come before Him is not yet bringing the unity and harmony that was lost. After receiving the atonement, it is also necessary to change the way of thinking that led to the fall, first and foremost the way of thinking about control that separate us from God (and from everything else) in the first place.

From the spiritual point of view that originates from the God of Israel, the creator of the heavens and the earth, the thought that it is possible for any creature to buy control over something and not along with subjecting it to God, is an illusion, because God is the supreme sovereign over everything big or small. All control over everything is in principle in his hands even if he does not enforce his authority immediately but waits to see who will submit to his authority out of choice and as a result of the experience he has gained throughout his life. At the same time, even beyond the matter of illusion, taking the control for myself or using the fruit that control may give me, without asking and receiving permission from God, is a theft, because everything belongs to Him and designed to serve His purposes.

For example, a person walks in the forest and sees a fruit that he wants to pick and eat. As far as the God of Israel is concerned, first of all the person have to make sure that He allows it, because maybe the forest is a private territory, maybe the fruit is poisonous? According to the Torah, God also does not allow cutting down a fruit tree in the public domain, let’s say, to reach its top fruits. However, beyond these known and accepted laws, it must be remembered that even before I picked the fruit, there is in the background of my action a whole set of choices and decisions that I made in the past and I’m making all the time. For example, I have a body that I control and it is able to walk around in the forest and pick fruits (a one-day-old baby, for example, does not have this control). There is a forest, with fruit trees in it, I have access to it, I have a healthy digestive system, and so on. All these things are ‘natural’ and supposedly automatic, still, there are thoughts behind them, intentions, desires. I wanted and I was asking to have control over them, to have access to these things, in an ‘automatic’ (‘natural’) or non-automatic manner. All the things – that I naturally (biologically) or by conscious will – wish for, are formulated one way or another in my thoughts, and thoughts are the door to the spiritual world. Also, while this dialogue supposedly takes place inside me, it also takes place between me and the spiritual world.

So, the dialogue can be done without any attention or without awareness, however in order to enter the spiritual world consciously the believer must pay attention to all the details of the dialogue and bring it to the light.

Apart from the dialogue that the person makes in the present, he also had thoughts, desires, intentions, in the past, before he was a believer or at a time when he did not understand that he had to bring these to the light. That is why it is good for the believer to reformulate any dialogue done in the past regarding his wishes, and do it before the God of Israel with the intension to subject it all to His will and instructions.

As long as the believer does not do these, and not only in a one-time manner but in a renewed and permanent manner, then part of the control over his body, soul, life circumstances and so, is (automatically) goes to the hands of foreign spirits.

But why is it that if a person does not give control to God, then the control passes to a foreign spirits and does not remain in the hands of the person himself? Well, God is the creator, source and sovereign of all authority, control or fruit, but he delegated authority also to angels, and some of them rebelled. The rebels are the foreign spirits who also dwell in the spiritual world, and as of today, God still allows extensive authorities in their hands. We have already seen that man in principle has no real control over anything, yet he was given the option to choose from whom he seeks temporary control, abilities and fruits. He can ask it from God or from the rebel angels (demons), and when he does not choose, these powers, since the fall from Eden, remain, automatically, in the hands of the rebels.

God temporarily leaves authority in the hands of the rebels (while He remains the supreme sovereign and has the final word) so that men may learn to discern – to decide to be aware of their own thoughts and motives, and then to choose who will feed these thoughts and motives in his brain. Therefore, that person who walks in the forest and ‘just’ wants to pick a fruit is faces with a choice: whether to accept that everything that allows him to pick the fruit and all the circumstances that brought him to this event belongs to God? or to accept the demon’s claim, that the individual is the sovereign for himself, he does not need to ask permissions from anyone and he does not have Any restrictive conditions for the use of the control abilities and their fruits.

From what has been said so far, it can be understood that although we rightly call the exit from Eden: a fall, nevertheless the purpose of the God of Israel is not to return man to childhood nor to bring him back to the state of mind of the Garden of Eden – when like a newborn baby he did not separate himself from others in order to gain control (In the bible’s words: to distinguish between the good and evil. Though this translation is not correct – the Hebrew do not say “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”, it says “the tree of the knowledge of good and bad”. Becouse the problem didn’t caused by the ability to know what is evil, the problem rise becouse the man started to calculate what is good and what is bad for himself – for his own benefits, for his survivel and so).

God’s goal today is to bring man to a state of unity and peace first of all with him, but not because man does not know how to separate himself from the outside, but because he believes, trusts God and chooses to give up the obsessive pursuit for control in order to posses the “good” and reject the “bad”. The baby is not aware and does not know this, but the believing person gives the control to God out of awareness, out of love and choice (control which God has anyway and we do not, but we have the illusion of control and the obsessive pursuit of it with the encouragement of the rebel angels).

It must be also emphasized that despite what is said, God gives man authority and control over many subjects. After all, God said when He created man that He would give him authority and control over the animals and nature, and this he gave to man even before he ate the forbidden fruit. What then, is the nature of the authority and control God gave man before he knew how to separate good and bad, and the one man strives to acquire for himself after eating?

I will try to illustrate the difference with a parable: a man has two children. He will do anything for them and he loves them both equally. He takes care of their provision and health and understands that the older child needs twice as much food then the younger. Therefore, in order to provide for his children correctly, he knows how to separate the small and the big, understand the different needs and divide the food accordingly. But this is not yet a separation under the influence of the Tree of Knowledge. The unity that prevails between the father and his two children is not violated because of it. This understanding and the ability to act accordingly, is the type of authority and control that Adam and Eve had in the beginning. On the other hand, if the father will make a separation between his children based on his personal preferences – loves one child more and therefore gives him more food (or other favors) – then it will indicate the effect of the tree of knowledge which causes the person to try to calculate what or who will promote his private interests.

Therefore, handing God a full control, is not a matter of giving up the ability to distinguish and separate that is discussed in the first case (when the father understands the various needs), at the same time, as mentioned, it is not a matter of going backwards in human evolution and ceasing to be able to make separations that based on selfish interest (as if We did not eat from the tree of knowledge). The intention is that the person will see the inherent tendency in him to make separations that originate from selfish interest, then consciously hand the matter over to God and his judgment out of choice and decision. It is a conscious return to heaven and not an unconscious return.

It is also worth emphasizing that we must exercise the first kind of authority and control – the harmless one – to reflect justice, grace, love or faith, towards the things and the people we have received authority over. In this way we will be faithful agents of God and exercise the authority He has given us for His interests without being lazy and avoiding the responsibility He has chosen to give us.

But In order to know in real time what authority God wants to give me for His behalf, I need to be able to communicate with Him, to seek His face, to be able to listen and obey Him on a daily basis, since no ‘Torah’ (bible) can give the individual instructions regarding each and every case, each and every thought that comes up. (The post: How to make a covenant with God here, details how to technically make the covenant, also, how to operate in order to implement the purpose of the covenant, how to listen, communicate, etc. This post is still available only in Hebrew).

All things, even those over which we have received temporary and certain amount of control are connected at their navel to the spirit, since their root is there. But all the roots and their motives are not only rooted in the spiritual world, they are also known and transparent there. On the other hand, on earth, the whole issue of control and the motives for control are difficult to clarify. Here, things are mixed and hidden, since a person may appear to be righteous, but deep in his heart, where you can’t see, he does everything out of selfish interest. In the spiritual world roots and motives are clearly visible because they are aware there to the inner dialogue that each person conducts in his thoughts. Indeed, even the greatest heretic conducts such a dialogue continuously, even if he do not understand that when he thinks about these matters, as it were, to himself, (Or longs for them, plans how to achieve them, imagines them), he is actually conducting a dialogue with the spiritual world and thus he is completely exposed.

It is true that there are people who do not have an internal dialogue with words but with pictures. Visual thought (not in words) is more primal thought, because it is more subject to associations and sensations and less to logic. In order to use logic effectively, one need to know how to define things in words. The God of Israel is a rational God and therefore the spiritual world in its highest place is governed by words (For example, God created the world by words). Nevertheless, even when people think in pictures they are transmitted to the spiritual world. There. Everything is absorbed and preserved forever, and this information not only flows there and kept there; it also flows back to this world and to the person who conceived them in his thoughts. Then it will influence him, his future thoughts, his destiny, the things that happen and will happen to him.

We can try to describe what happens in the mind of a person who asks for money, property, relationship, social life, health, etc. Well, along with the things this person asks, he also asks for means to control: control over the variety of ways to obtain the things he wished, control to act against what might prevent them to be obtained, control so when he obtains these things, he will be able to use them for his benefit and to continue using them along time.

However, due to the fact that in principle, a person does not really have control over any of these, and due to the fact that in his inner dialogue (even if he is not aware of it), he actually always asks for these things from those who do have control, meaning: from God’s spirit or from some other spirit, then the inner dialogue (as well as things said out loud) determines which spirit will handle the request.

Asking explicitly a specific spirit to handle the request may verifie that only this spirit is dealing with it. Still, if there is a contradiction between our hidden inner thoughts and motives, and the specific spirit we asked to handle the request, then this request will be matched with a spirit whose role is to act in accordance with that intention and motive, and not with the spirit we asked.

It should be noted that logically, it seems to me that when we consciously hand over control to God, make a covenant with him and  educated under his guidance to remove  thoughts that invite foreign spirits in, then our thoughts will not be transparent to the foreign spirits.  Then their ability to tempt and influence us will decrease dramatically.

Beyond the intentions in the thoughts, the terminology is also important. For example, if, because of the way I grew up and the misleading influences that have been on me for years, a thought occurs to me that says: ‘If I am lucky, I will get so and so’, I need to know how to reject this thought and in its place come up with another reference, because the God of Israel does not deal with ‘luck’, And when you ask through your thoughts for something that God does not deal with, the request is directed to the spirit who does deal with, let’s say, ‘luck’.

When the reference to the spirit is conscious, then the mere reference to such a spiritual entity and not another, already indicates a lot about the motives for the request. If the request/thought is consciously and genuinely addressed to God, then the whole dialogue is conducted in front of the God of clarity, light and common sense. Therefore the believer in the God of Israel strives for clarity and awareness regarding all the details of the internal (or external) dialogues. Accordingly, the believer need to work in the light and to invite God into his thoughts and motives openly, then consciously ask Him to purify the thoughts, to bring clarity and light there, and to cast out darkness.

We were all born sinners, we were born in the darkness and we tend to ‘naturally’ continue to hide and act in the dark, therefore the purification of motives and thoughts does not happen in an instant but is a constant process that should take place throughout life. With it, God cannot be fooled, so we cannot pretend that we are giving Him all control, without really to mean so.

As mentioned, the foreign spirits also have the power to grant control, and they will do it with some conditions. (The spirit of the God also put conditions before granting control). But the foreign spirits purpose by giving conditions is to increase and reinforce man’s fears and desires, so that he becomes enslaved to them. Then they will give him some control but also suffering and death. On the other hand, the Spirit of God will always strive to make the believer understand that all power and authority originates from God, and they are given to glorify His name and advance His kingdom. His kingdom is truth, justice, unity and selfless love, which bring liberation, freedom and life. If the Spirit of God gives the believer any control, it will be given so the believer will be a faithful agent of these values on God’s behalf.

It can be seen then that the issue of control is what divides the spiritual world into two separate camps. The one camp led by the God of Israel claims that the desire for control is the one that ultimately led to the fall and the invitation of death into our lives, and in order to return to the status of the Garden of Eden out of awareness and choice (not without a knowledge of good and bad), we must fully return the control to the God of Israel.

The camp of the demons (the rebels) led by Satan (the serpent from the Garden of Eden) claims that the individual must take the control for himself, and that the individual is God and there is no authority above him that has the right to take this control from him. We heard this philosophy from the serpent’s mouth back in Eden (in his words to Eve) and we continue to hear it continuously, through our thoughts, to this day. This supposedly happens automatically (people of the world will say it is ‘the way of the world’), but it must be understood that through the seemingly natural tendency to ask for control for ourselves, we hear the philosophy of the snake that says: ‘Take it because you deserve it, because you are God and you are the ruler of your world. Take what you need, without considering anyone or anything’.

Through this philosophy, the serpent offers man, as it were, liberation from limitations, so-called control, freedom and the fulfillment of his desires. However, this is a lie because no person and no spirit, ever really had ability to take anything for themselves without God’s permission and when He enabled it. This is not because God is a tyrant, but simply because only He has the ability to create anything out of nothing. A person or a spirit, if and when God takes from them what He gave them in advance, in the long term, will be left with only ‘nothing’ (which is the empty space, chaos, darkness or death), without any ability to fill it.

Nevertheless, Satan have an answer to this claim and says that in this way – by destroying (erasing) all thoughts, inclinations and desires, as well as by eliminating the separation between good and evil (this time the word ‘evil’ is more correct than the word ‘bad’), a man becomes a ruler over his destiny and becomes free from laws and limitations, from God and his creation – From the supposed tyranny of God. This philosophy is also the basis of Eastern theologies, Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga, etc. The purpose of this way of thinking is the cancellation of God the creator and the Lord of everything, and turning every creature into its own God (this is the nirvana, Samadhi, according to yoga theory).

However, there is no sense in these explanations, since the person who delete everything in order to be free, is still not freed from ‘nothing’ (darkness), and if he fills his whole being only with ‘nothing’, how can he ever be satisfied with anything, how can he be happy, loved, have any kind of communication with anything, live? After all, all of these are products of ‘something’, and a person, or spirit, does not and cannot have the ability to create any ‘thing’ out of nothing. To convert one ‘thing’ into another, we can, but Every ‘thing’ in the world will degenerate and vanish over time if God, the only one who made them in the first place,  will not renew them, and won’t create new ‘something’ for tomorrow.

The eastern theologies claim that beyond all, there is a pure consciousness that, once freed from conditionings, can do anything and submerge into an internal bliss. But this is a lie too, thoughit is true that we humans have eternal consciousness, and it is true that we need periods of quiet time, when we can let go of our worries and burdens, and renewed. But, in the long run, there can be no new meanings in ‘nothingness’, there is no such ‘bliss’ in there, only empty darkness that after awhile, terns to a nightmare. When I write this article I need to use spaces between words otherwise it will lose its meaning. Still, it is absurd to claim that the spaces hold the meaning of the article, they are just helping tools.

Only God is able to create and grant ‘something’ (including meanings), because He was not created, He has always been. Since He is not created, He is not the result of ‘something’. All creatures are the result of something (of the same intention that created them), and because they are a result, they cannot and will never be the cause. That’s why every person who desires ‘something’, (Life is ‘something’ also), needs God.

It seems that Satan is building on the fact that he can continue forever steal every ‘something’ that God created and continues to create, and thus he can continue to run his kingdom of ‘nothing’ (darkness), while he feeds (like a parasite) on the stolen ‘something’, while he also annihilates it after he steal (he is a thief and a murderer).

But God has already announced that a day will come and he will stop this rampage of the devil and the foreign spirits, then far-reaching purifying changes will also take place in man (the believers who left after the apocalypse war).

Until then, every day, each of us returns to the situation of the temptation in Eden, when Eve was offered to take the control – “and you were like God, knowing good and evil”. This is what we hear every day in our surroundings from childhood to old age through the influence of foreign teachings that have penetrated every field and everywhere. The New Age and Eastern theologies is presence everywhere, in the modern society, in the feminism, humanism, globalism ideas, in science, technology, the media, the arts, educational institutions, medicine, courts, governments and more. This is the thing that is constantly heard to every person through his thoughts (because the unconscious person didn’t remove, by the power of the spirit of God, the devil and his false ideas from his thoughts. As mentioned, when he removes the devil and his servants from the realms of his consciousness and thoughts, they can no longer listen to his thoughts, then manipulate him by fear and desires and to whisper lies. Is it necessary to be released from light and love? Then by claiming control, to be left only with emptiness? This is absurd. The truth is the opposite of the ‘truth’ of this world. The truth is that the more we are educate ourselves to give God the trust, control, sovereignty, authority, wisdom, power, respect etc – truly to God, without the self-conviction that God is in me, speaks through me and therefore I have the authority because I was chosen, I was promised, I am the disciple of… part of the chosen community etc – then we get more control, understanding, wisdom, abilities, things, love, joy, security, liberation, peace of mind etc. But the more we try to buy all these for ourselves on our own, or to buy freedom on our own, then, these are derived from us. Since God himself is freedom, light and love and there is no freedom, light and love outside of Him.

The law of control is fundamental. This essential law, together with the law of faith and the law of love, can allow every person to enter the spiritual world and be a partner in the action there. However, even while we are drafting the law, we must note that the very desire to draft a law is a desire to buy control, because understanding a law, especially an essential law, allows control. Therefore, even during the drafting of the law, we continue to stand in prayer with humble thanks and supplications before the Lord of all, that it may be according to His will and that even if He chooses to give us a true understanding of the law – this means He gives us a certain type of control – we still hand this over to Him in principle, and ask, may He use us only as a tool for His will, and that He will continue to guide us in everything, because only His word according to His will can give some kind of ‘existence’ and life. The stolen ‘existence’ is never satisfying, it is temporary and brings upon us countless negative matters, bad thoughts, addictions, fears, regrets, shame, fog, confusion etc.

In this prayer, I want to emphasize the words: ‘if He chooses to grant’, because it seems to many believers that if they pray, and do certain actions and observe certain commandments, recognize and apply certain laws, then God is obligated to give them what they want (…because He made a commitment, because He is good, because He loves, because I did what He asked and now He has to do what I ask etc). But God is not obligated to us in this way.

Herein lays the fundamental difference between operating an electric circuit after learning and applying the laws of electricity and acting in the spirit. In the spiritual you can maximum ask, and you need to take into account, that even if you think you have fulfilled all the conditions, you think it is right or deserved, still the spirit grants something or not according to its free will alone. It is according to the grace, justice and logic that are unique only to God, and which I (and no one else) do not fully know.

Of course we don’t even always ask for things, we often demand, sometimes beg, threaten, negotiate the terms etc. All these tendencies of ours are ‘natural’ but God will strive purify these in the believer.

It is worth noting that all the central spiritual men in the Bible underwent thorough a prolonged training on the subject of control. Abraham, for example, had every reason to believe that he would receive a child. First, because it is a natural thing that most people usually have without effort and automatically. So why did the brave, wise Abraham , the spiritual one, who is destined from birth to be a father (so his name indicates) and he longs, and is capable more than any other person, wont? Second, this was promised to him by God on many occasions. Thirdly, he faithfully did everything God asked him to do, he showed devotion, loyalty, faith. Lastly, he made a valid covenant with God, He is God’s child.

nevertheless, God tries to teach Abraham the same central lesson that is the subject of this article: Even if we do everything right (although no one does everything right, and also Abraham made mistakes), despite all the reasons we mentioned we are not supposed to think that we know better than God what is right or necessary.

We are not supposed to demand, still, it is recommended to believe, to hope, to tell God everything on our heart and to ask for the things we want. Then, we need to listen carefully to His answers and to implement his instructions while handing over the leadership and sovereignty to Him. It is not advisable to stop asking, wishing and hoping, because if we will try to erase the legal things we wish to have, it will be like implementing Satan’s theology that say believer person need to seek control by erasing everything.

Therefore, if I wish to establish a covenant/relationship with the camp led by Satan and to advance in the spiritual ladder there, I need consciously ask for control. Control over myself and others, to seek to break/neutralize any authority above me and the means to achieve it do not matter. Then, I can climb higher in rank in the devil’s camp. On the other hand, if I want to establish a covenant/relationship and advance in the spiritual ladder in God’s camp, I need to consciously transfer the control (which I think I have) in every matter to God, to let him manage it for me. Although, when we are handing over the control to Him we don’t need to be passive. It is possible to be active and full of fire and at the same time to let God have the last word in every matter. It is also much recommended to ask questions – even hard questions. From my experience, when we are in covenant with God and sincerely try to apply His instructions, the answers to any question, even the most difficult and poignant, come immediately.

It should be noted and emphasized that there is no intermediate state. It is impossible to be neutral regarding the two camps. When a person supposedly ‘don’t know’ the spiritual reality, or when he decide not to cooperate with any of the camps, then he is in the worst state. Because the spiritual world is divided into two camps only, there is no neutral camp, and when a person does not act practically to give control to God, then he is officially defined as belonging to the other camp. This definition brings him there (to the rebels) if he want to or not. Then he is at the bottom of the hierarchy there because he did not actively promote himself there, to seek control without considering the means. Then, he will be in a position where anyone there is allowed to abuse him, while from God’s side he is not protected because he has officially excluded himself from Him.

On the third hand, sometimes exactly those who are in the worst condition (tails to foxes) have the hope to come to their senses and start actively seek the true God. Those who have reached senior positions within the rebel camp usually stay there because they think they have something to lose.

This then is the basic spiritual work (the believer who do not do it is the lazy servant): to transfer day by day, each time a little more, consistently, continuously, the authority and control in every matter to God. To do this at first out of awe, then out of the understanding that there is no other way (that any other way is an illusion and self-deception) and finally out of love – that is, out of the recognition and experience, that these relationships of complete dependence and trust are the ones that stand at the foundation of the lost paradise. They are the ones that bring unity and they are the happiest and most blessed healthy place. In other words, this is the glorious place of the perfect love.

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