The Voices of the Spirit

(230 words)

A whole set of desires and thoughts of the flesh built on the laws of this world exist in the natural person and he feels complete identification with them. To deviate from them seems to him like betraying himself. Along with these carnal desires and thoughts are also present in the person the voices of the spirit which are of a different kind.

The voices of the spirit are more subtle and it’s easy to ignore or deny their existence. Except that without the gentleness of the spirit in human life, his life has no meaning. After years of being used to listening to the strong voices and tastes of the world and ignoring the voices of the spirit, it is not easy to learn to listen and even less easy to obey the spirit. At the same time, it is never too late or too early to do this, and God influences special kindness and helps those who choose to do so.

In another post, I explain at length how to hear the voices of the spirit and how to create a constructive dialogue with it. The post is: ‘Practical rules for the Spiritual World’ – here. It is explained that both the carnal/earthly and spiritual thoughts originate in the spiritual world but it depends on which spirit you choose to listen to.


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