This World and the Eternal Kingdom of God

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This world is only a means, a tool, a door. The things that matter to God are the things we bring to the eternal kingdom of heaven. When we get to the kingdom (whosoever gets there), these things will be important to us as well. Still, as long as we are in this world, whether we admit it or not, the earthly conditions of our lives are very important to us. Materials, possessions, our social status, our looks, etc. But for God these things are marginal.


While He is happy to give us joy with things that are important to us, He will often prioritize the long-term considerations for us. The question is, can we trust Him and ignore the voices of this world? Which are: constant, hypnotic and an intense fascination (we all suffer from it) of the fleeting and meaningless things in the eye of the eternal reality perspective, as well as an existential survival anxiety from this fleeting world.

There is no doubt that this is a difficult task, to adjust our viewpoint to the one of the heavens, but it is worthy of our human stature.

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